First meeting after the execution of Şehzade Mustafa, between Haseki Hürrem Sultan ❤ and Mahidevran Gülbahar ❤ This scene was incredibly tense, full of pain. Mahidevran lost her reason to live and was in unimaginable pain. We don't know how in real life Mahidevran actually reacted when she saw Hürrem for first time after the execution of Mustafa. Mahidevran after the execution of her son was exiled from Manisa, because she lost her status of being mother of heir to the throne and went to Bursa. So it's most likely the Mahidevran had never met with Hürrem again. Share your opinions 💞 about it please 🔥 ❤ 💕 #meryemuzerlimeryem #nurfettahoglu #muhtesemyuzyil #muhtesemyuzyilkosem #mahidevran #hurrem #hasekihurremsultan #eclipsnf #vahidepercin #meryemuzerli #sultan by mihri_sultan_

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