Shaykh omar #Suleiman receives an email with an attachment from a #sister. The attachments the sister had sent were pictures of the sisters arms and legs covered with #bruises. This sister was part of Shaykh omar Suleimans community, her #husband would #regularly come to the masjid. She writes in her email "Shaykh omar, i just want you to hold on to these #pictures not because i want you to confront my husband, not because i want you to do anything about it but if he #kills me, i want you to #bear withess that he killed me." Shaykh Omar was taken back by this and immediately contacted the sister and said "Sister, if you're being abused like this you need to #report him to the police." The sister replied to this email saying "No, i will be #patient. I will not report him. But if he kills me i want you to be the one to know that he killed me. I want you to know that he did it." Shaykh Omar continued to insist on her reporting her husband but her reply was the same. Two weeks after this, the sister sends an email to Shaykh Omar once again but this time saying "Alhamdulilah-hir #Rabbil Aalameen, my husband has agreed to #divorce me. He is overseas at the moment and i am free. I saw a #dream and in that dream there was a person who was #nursing my wounds and when i asked her who she was and she said "I am #Asiyah, the wife of #Firoun." This #struck me hard sub'hanAllah. Who observed #patience better than our Mother Asiyah? Asiyah had everything a person could want in this #world, everything! Yet, the desires she had were far far beyond that. She wanted a #palace #close to her #Lord and that is exactly what she got 💫💞 by s_rahmanrs3

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