The tombs of seven brothers. Legend says that the place of the turbeh (Turkish word for tomb) was initially a regular #Ottoman cemetary in a part of #Sarajevo known as #Bistrik. However, seven innocent people were allegedly condemned to death and buried on that cemetary. This was the starting point of the story. A concrete and wood wall was built around the cemetary following the demands of the people who lived there, who, allegedly began to see a sort of light coking out of the earth every night. After the pheonomenon was witnessed by the then-governor #Suleiman-pasha Skopljak in 1815, he ordered a house with seven windows to be built over that Brothers. The monument was built in the Osmanli styke and a windiw and lantern still hang above every grave. Legend has it that anoyone who makes a wish by the monument will soon see it granted. by wawaism

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